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Regards to all!
My name is Marina.
I'm a photographer from Osijek, Croatia.
I love people and I love  telling stories.
I like to watch the little ones while they are playing.
I love to photograph children and the magic of their childhood.
Most of all, I love the happy faces of parents,
when they get their children's photos ...

Her works adorn each corner of our home and every time I look at them, my heart is filled with warmth. Except managed to perfectly capture three playful girls, but also show their character. These pictures seem to be alive and each of them tells a story.

- A D R I J A N A, Mom
While I'm watching your photo of us, in large format on our wall, I regret that I do not have more of them. Every day, that photo makes me happy, because you've grasped that specific moment so skillfully.

- S A B I N A, Mom
My recommendation to everyone !!! A beautiful, dear and warm person who turns a photo into a fairy tale. Always consistent with her style. I strongly advise everyone to book Marina and let her do her magic.

- M A R I N A

Dear Marina, you are ment to photograph children. You are also a mother yourself, warm and gentle; my children immediately accepted you and enjoyed the photo session so much. You did everything perfectly! Honestly, all praise.

- M A J A, Mom
That day wind was so strong and Simon was so nervous. But Marina, managed to pull the very true emotion of my twins and capture their connection, diversity and love.

- T I H A N A, Mom
Her photos show everything my kids keep in heart. I have thanked you countless times and still wonder, is it enough for You to understand how happy You made me feel.

- T A M A R A, Mom
Marina, thanks for the beautiful photos and captured moments of immense happiness,. Beside beautiful photos, you gave me an interesting, relaxed, new experience!

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