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They’re everywhere. In your phone, on your tablet, you have your point-n-shoot, and maybe even a DSLR. A few might even own a film camera. You can’t escape the selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. People are deluged with photographs. And today, people are taking more photos than ever before. It’s been estimated that in the past 5 years, more photos have been taken than all the prior years combined.
The sad part is that few of these photos will survive beyond a year.
And in a week, none of them have any real meaning and might even get “deleted” just to make room for more photos that have little meaning as well inside of a couple of weeks."
In addition, technology is changing rapidly.
Many photos taken 7-8 years ago were saved on a medium for which we no longer have a way to start them.
Remember only floppy discs.
In 5 years or less, your DVD is going to be obsolete as will your USB drives. File types are going to change as well. And the technology of tomorrow may not support these “older” file types. And old cell phones from which we did not transfer photos.
Somewhere out there in the drawer is that external hard, somewhere is that cell phone ...
When I tried to find prom photos, 15 years ago, I'd have to think carefully about where to find them.
“It’s on a disk…someplace…I think….maybe we still do…honey, where did we put that disk again?”.

But that's why I know exactly where are those couple of prints 30 years ago from the time I was a kid.
These are the photos that were taken and developed by my aunt.
It's interesting, we were so rarely photographed back than, but  we have more preserved photos from that period than today.
I know exactly where are prints from that period. They are preserved thanks to the print, and today they are my most valuable photographs.


"Somewhere along the way, the photo  stopped being valuable enough for us, to be printed..
In case of an disaster, I know what we would most like to save ... memories.
All of a sudden that $250 DeLonghi Coffee maker isn’t all that important. Nor is the fishing boat. Or the 72″ big screen TV with all the bells and whistles. It’s always the memories of our lives that become the thing we search for first.."

That is why I decided to create a product that includes prints. Prinst on a archival photo paper, which will live after us.
Because it's important. It will also be important for our kids to see how their childhood looked like, or how their parents once lived and looked.
And it has to be on a medium that will not be overtaken by technology.

My motto through my whole work is "Let's create memories together".

I want you to save your memories.

(Parts of the text taken from the article "The most photographed generation will not have photos for 10 years", Mike Yost, 2015.)
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