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01. December 2017.

10. October 2017.

30. September 2017.

I am going to school again to re-qualify and to be a photographer.
Those who know me, know that I like playing by the rules and leave nothing to circumstances.

So I have decided, after years in a finance department  to requilify for photographer in order to open photography business.
Of course, most of the exams in my new school are related to the photography.
But,  to my great surprise, not digital.

The focus is shooting on analog film, developing film and photos and mastering the basics of analog photography  in general.
Pfff. At first tought, I hated it. At then  I fell in love with it.
The moment when I took the analog camera into my hands, nostalgia hit me.
Every click I started to treat as dry gold. Thinking about everything in advance. No clicking for no reason.
After I clicked 36 times, I could not wait to develop a film and photos.

Happiness.  And waiting.
In today's world, everything happens so fast. We love quick service,  quick products, fast food, but we lost something more valuable.  The beauty of expectance. That moment of surprise.
So, we've developed a film. My first analog film. And photographs. Some are slightly shabby, some blurry, some overexposed, but again they are all perfect to me.
Now that digital photography wil become my  professional occupation, I am happy that I have found a hobby that will make me happy like digital photography once did.  Pure playing.

I'm proud to introduce you a develop of my first analog film.

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